Dogs skin exam

Lump Under a Dog’s Skin

Dog owners often become alarmed when they discover a subcutaneous bump or growth. However, most of these can be easily treated, and the key is to determine the cause of the lump. Causes of Lumps: ...

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Kitty with bowl

What to Do if Your Cat Doesn’t Eat for a Few Days

Don't immediately panic when you discover that your cat has started to refuse food. Decreased appetite or a complete refusal to eat will not always be a symptom of the disease. There could be many...

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Lying cat

What to Give a Cat for Vomiting: First Aid for Your Pet

Vomiting in cats is something that almost all owners encounter. The main thing is to distinguish ordinary vomiting from a symptom of a serious illness that has severe health consequences. Many people...

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Ear exam cat

Ear Mite in Cats: Signs, Treatment, and Prevention

If you notice your pet constantly trying to scratch its ear, scratching the skin, or frequently shaking its head, these actions often indicate the presence of ear mites. This common disease is caused...

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Dog blood analysis

Determination of the Titer of Antibodies to the Rabies Virus

Rabies is an extremely serious, acute, and always fatal illness caused by a virus that can be transmitted from pets to their owners. It is ubiquitous, as carriers are often animals living in the...

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Dog on grass

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Urinary incontinence is a common issue in dogs, characterized by the uncontrollable release of urine regardless of activities. It is crucial not to attempt self-treatment but to consult a...

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Temperature measurement for cat

Runny Nose in Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Rhinitis, or inflammation of the nasal mucosa, can affect cats and their sensitive sense of smell. Inflammation may cause their narrow nasal passages to become blocked, leading to mouth breathing. As...

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Kitty in tray

Urolithiasis in Cats: Symptoms, First Aid, and Treatment

Urolithiasis, a condition involving the formation of stones in the urinary system, is relatively common in cats. Due to their anatomy, cats are more susceptible to this disease, which is often...

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Skin examination for dog

Liver in Dogs: Symptoms, Types, Treatment, and Prevention

Causes of Infection Various factors can cause liver disease in dogs, including fungal pathogenic spores found in sand, grass, etc., which can lead to ringworm. Parasitic insects, rats, and mice are...

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Doing vaccine for dog

Dirofilariasis in Dogs and Cats

Disease Features Dirofilariasis primarily affects the pulmonary and cardiac systems. In most cases, the helminths complicate blood circulation and cause heart valve problems. Less commonly, the...

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Cat on veterinary appointment

Demodicosis in Dogs and Cats: Diagnosis and Treatment

Understanding the Disease Demodicosis is a complex and not fully understood disease caused by ticks. These ticks feed on the epithelium, destroying its integrity and irritating nerve endings. This...

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Veterinary exam for cat

Deworming Animals: Cats and Dogs

What is Deworming and Who Needs It? Deworming refers to treatments or preventive measures against helminth (worm) infections. It is highly recommended for all animals, whether they live indoors,...

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Worms in Cats: Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Helminth infections can occur even if a cat never leaves the house. Without treatment, these infections can lead to severe consequences or even death. Dangers of Worms Worms in cats are parasitic...

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Vet exam for cat

Feline Viral Leukemia: Treatment, Prognosis, and Prevention

Feline viral leukemia is one of the most dangerous and challenging diseases to diagnose. It is caused by viruses that integrate into the pet's DNA and currently has no cure, with treatments focused...

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Skin exam on dog

Fleas in Dogs and Puppies: Signs, Treatment Methods, and Key Features

Fleas in Dogs Fleas are blood-sucking parasitic insects that live in the coats of animals, reproduce actively, and can jump from one host to another. Even if you don't take your pet for walks, there...

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Cat skin exam

Fleas in Cats: Risks of Infection and How to Eliminate Parasites

Fleas are blood-sucking, wingless parasites that can infest cats. Their narrow, smooth bodies allow them to move efficiently and stay within a cat's fur. Fleas can be found in the environment, on...

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Cat on floor

Cat Pregnancy: Duration and Signs of Pregnancy

Most cat owners who do not breed their pets opt for sterilization, which prevents unwanted behaviors and the challenges of caring for and finding homes for kittens. However, if you have not...

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Cat vet exam

White Discharge in Cats – Types, Causes

If you notice a white discharge from your cat, do not panic. In most cases, vaginal discharge is a physiological process. If the discharge is white, odorless, and without any inclusions, it likely...

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