• Dr. Luciano de Gatica

    Dr. Luciano de Gatica

    Luciano de Gatica graduated in 2005, as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, from Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) in Argentina. He gained extensive experience in the field of general and...
  • Dr. Cristina Epifanio

    Dr. Cristina Epifanio

    DVM, GPCert Neuro
    Dr. Cristina was born in Madrid, Spain. For as long as she can remember she wanted to be a veterinarian. In 2013 she graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Complutense University in...
  • Vet spec

    Dr. Pablo Martin

    LV, PgCert (SAM), GPCert (SAM), RCVS AP SAM
    Dr. Pablo specializes in Internal Medicine and has advanced knowledge in Emergency, Critical Care, and Ultrasonography. Originally from Spain, he now runs the internal medicine referral service at Modern Vet.
  • Veterinary specialist

    Dr. Tetiana Filenko

    Dr. Tetiana was born and grow up in Ukraine. Throughout her life she always had pets and was always the one person in her family to look after them. At childhood she was helping stray animals in her spare time, this determined her choice of university and her decision to further her career in the study of veterinary medicine.
  • Vet

    Dr. Horacio Ruiz

    Dr.Horacio grew up in a few Kilometers away from La Plata in Argentina. He first obtained his veterinary degree in Argentina at the University of La Plata where he also had his first work experience. Wanting a change, he decided to move to Mallorca, Spain where he worked as a veterinary surgeon for 11 years. During this time he established his own veterinary practice and later worked at an insurance company as a veterinary inspector.
  • Vet specialist

    Dr. Marta Gambarin

    Dr. Marta was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Milan in Italy. It was at only three years old when she broke the news to her parents; she would one day become a vet and not once has she had second thoughts or cold feet about it. Dr. Marta was set and her mind was completely made up. She always had a deep connection with animals, sometimes better than with humans as she tends to find peace when around them.
  • Vets

    Dr. Silvério Moniz

    DVM CertSAS
    Dr. Moniz is our soft tissue surgeon at Modern Vet. He has been in Dubai for almost 10 years now, and before moving to this beautiful city he worked in the UK and Portugal.
  • Vet

    Dr. Marina Vorobeva

    DVM, PhD
    Dr. Marina Vorobeva was born in Nizhnekamsk, Russia. She can remember her passion flourishing for animals during her childhood; this eventually led to her obtaining her veterinary doctor qualification in 2001 from the Kazan Academy of Veterinary Science.
  • Vet with dog

    Dr. Rami Mdawar

    Medical Manager DVM MVSc DISAMS DSISAS
    Dr. Rami was born and raised in Lebanon. His love for medicine and his affinity towards animals developed as he grew older; He knew there and then that veterinary medicine was his calling. He graduated from the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon in 2014 and subsequently relocated to France where he participated in a one-year internship program with a focus on small animal medicine and surgery at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Toulouse.
  • Roy Hassoun

    Dr. Roy Hassoun

    Born out of a fervent passion for veterinary care and a relentless pursuit of specialized knowledge, Dr. Roy Hassoun has risen to prominence in the field of veterinary surgery...


As a pet owner, you’ll want to ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date and that they have no health conditions. You should also bring along a list of all medications, supplements, and vitamins that your pet is taking. If possible, bring a copy of their medical records and questions about the appointment.

As a new pet owner, it can be hard to know when to make your first visit. If your dog is a puppy and has just been adopted, or if he’s older than three months, then you should probably call ahead and schedule an appointment at that time. If he gets sick while still young, it may take some time before his symptoms are severe enough for him to need a professional veterinary doctor. However, if there’s been an injury sustained during playtime with another animal (or human), this could mean that things have progressed further than expected. In both cases above: Your vet doctor for pets would probably recommend seeing them as soon as possible—but not necessarily right away!

A veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who has undergone additional training in a specific area of veterinary medicine and passed a certification examination. They work alongside your primary veterinarian to diagnose and treat complex medical conditions, offering advanced knowledge and skills for the best possible care of your pet.

A veterinarian, specifically trained in the care of dogs, is the doctor you should visit for your canine companion. They provide a wide range of services including vaccinations, wellness exams, treatment of illnesses and injuries, and guidance on nutrition and behavior to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy.