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Skin-related issues are not limited to human beings and can plague animals too. Much like their owners, pets should also have regular visits to the dermatologist. Like us, pets can suffer from skin rashes, allergies, infections and other related issues, which can be aggravated by the hot climatic conditions. Since animals spend most of their time walking and lying down on the ground, their skin is more prone to contracting infections and to being aggravated. Skin conditions in pets should not be taken lightly because of the possibility of the disease being transmissible to you. Pet health can be beneficial to the overall health of your household. Our veterinary dermatologists are highly trained in treating skin, hair, and ear conditions in pets.

Skin and/or ear conditions are one of the common reasons behind why pets require veterinary care. Our veterinarians are capable of diagnosing and treating all kinds of skin, ear, and nail problems through their medical knowledge coupled with modern testing to make a diagnosis and determine the best treatment approach for your pet.
If a skin problem persists, intensifies, or does not have any obvious diagnosis, making it more difficult to manage, our dermatology team is always here to help. Managing chronic or seasonal itchy dermatitis can be very frustrating for both pet and owner alike. However, there are many treatment options available now to help achieve the best quality of health and life.

Dermatology Conditions Evaluated At Modern Vet:

  • Allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Itchy skin or chronic dermatitis
  • Coat disorders
  • Nail diseases
  • Footpad diseases
  • Unusual skin lesions


What is the treatment for skin disease in dogs?
If your dog suffers from skin disease, the first step is treating the infection. Antibiotics will kill off any bacteria that may be causing the problem; antifungal medication will help prevent fungus from growing back, and antiseptic washes and corticosteroids can be used to ease inflammation in the area. Deworming (the process of removing parasites) has been shown to positively affect many cases of canine acne or animal dermatology issues, so this option should always be considered if you’re concerned about your pet’s health.

How do I know if my dog has a fungal or bacterial infection?
If you’re wondering how to tell if your dog has a fungal infection, here are some signs:

  • White or yellowish-white patches on the skin
  • Thick, rough skin; it looks like a piece of bark attached to the dog’s body. Fleas and ticks can cause this.

If you notice these symptoms in your pet that don’t improve within a few days, call the vet immediately! Fungal infections are common among dogs, but not all pets get them—it can be hard for owners to tell when something isn’t normal aging because there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with their pet’s appearance or behavior (and sometimes even its personality).

How did my dog get a bacterial skin infection?
Bacterial skin infections are usually caused by a bite or scratch and can be transmitted to your pet through the air, contaminated water, and contact with another animal. If a bacterial infection has developed, it’s important to prevent the spreading of bacteria and help reduce pain and heal the affected area.

It’s also important to know what steps you should take if your dog has been exposed to an infection before being treated for it so that you’re not unnecessarily putting him through additional stressors like having an uncomfortable-looking bandage on his face for days at a time until he gets better!

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