The Modern Vet Hospital provides an excellent, well-rounded grooming service for cats and dogs in Dubai. With over 20 years of professional experience, our expert groomers are more than capable of attending to cats and dogs of every breed. While some pet breeds require little grooming, others need regular grooming to remain clean and healthy.

Grooming At Modern Vet

It is extremely important to visit the right groomer due to the complex differences between grooming single-coated and double-coated breeds. Inexperienced groomers lacking necessary training and knowledge could accidently trim your pet’s undercoat which could potentially affect the regrowth of hair, causing permanent changes to their coat.

How It Works

Routine, relaxing grooming visits to our experienced groomers involves medical or organic bathing, a breed-specific trim, conditioning, and blow drying. Customized grooming options and packages consist of add-ons like tick removal, ear cleaning, nail clipping, fulminating/deshedding, paw trimming, anal gland extraction, and teeth brushing. Our knowledgeable groomers offer clear grooming plans for our patients and guide pet owners on grooming maintenance in between visits. Our groomers are highly trained and offer an extensive range of grooming styles including the ‘Lion Cut’, ‘Teddy Bear Trim’, ‘Full Coat / Show Trims’, ‘Kennel Cut’, and more. Whether you have a puppy or a kitten, it is smart to take them to grooming visits early on in order to acquaint them with their groomer. This ensures a solid and easy way of grooming from the very beginning.