Dogs on grass


Having a pet usually means ensuring that they are well-fed and well exercised too. Dogs are no exception to this either. Having a dog for a pet would usually involve walks outside, playing fetch, and quite a bit of jogging, in addition to grocery shopping for dog food, and regular trips to the veterinarian and the groomer.

There are some basic exercises that you can make your pet do on a daily basis. These include walking, jogging, running, taking them on a stroll, and taking them to dog-friendly parks. Exercising your dog does not have to be a chore always. You too can have fun with your dog by playing fetch or a game of Hide and Seek. You can also play nose games with them which entail helping your dog hone their scent smelling abilities. You can hide treats in boxes inside the house and have your dog sniff them out as though it were a treasure hunt of sorts. This will not only help them stay physically active, but will also enhance their mental abilities.

You can also take your dog hiking, swimming, and even skating. All you have to make sure is that your dog is wearing theri safety gear during their more extreme physical exercises. If the weather outside isn’t too conducive for a day of physical exertion, you can always employ certain exercises to ensure your dog burns calories indoors. In addition to playing Hide and Seek and nose games, you can make your pet run up and down the stairs. You can play a game of tug, and even set them on your treadmill with appropriate training. However, making them walk on the treadmill should never replace daily walks outside. You can also build an obstacle course at home to encourage agility in your dog.

The kind and amount of physical exercise required by your dog depends on their breed, age and health. You can always seek more advice about your dog’s possible exercise schedule from your veterinarian.

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