Rabies is a virus that causes severe damage to the pet health especially its central nervous system. It affects the brain and can even lead to the death of your pet if it hasn’t been vaccinated against it. It is highly recommended to do a rabies vaccine for every pet. Hyper-salivation or foaming at the mouth is another well-known symptom of Rabies. Its other symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, paralysis, hallucinations, excitation, agitation, hydrophobia, and difficulty in swallowing. The transmission of rabies can occur through the saliva of infected pets usually in the form of licking or biting. Common carriers of this virus include dogs, cats, and even foxes.


A lot of pet owners ask their vets in pet health care “Should the pet get vaccinated even if it is entirely indoors?” First of all, it is the law that your pet has to get vaccinated and secondly, why take chances when it can easily be prevented? Having a pet that hasn’t had rabies vaccination is not just harmful to the pet but it is also harmful to anyone who comes in contact with them.

The vets at veterinary service will vaccinate your pet to prevent them from acquiring any disease from wildlife which could later be transmitted to humans. Remember not to pet any stray animals and even if you do, avoid kissing them and wash your hands immediately.

Ensure your pet’s defenses are strong. Check out our vaccination services today and give them the protection they deserve!”