Living with a pet in a bustling and cramped city apartment can be quite a daunting task. These days, a lot of people have to live in tiny apartments with their dogs but such small spaces often take away the luxury of space leaving your pets in a cramped environment. However, there are a lot of ways you can keep your dog happy and healthy especially if you give them enough time and patience.


One of the main concerns for you should be to make sure your dog is always happy and healthy. Unless you live in an apartment with an elevator, try to take a lower floor making it easier for them to access the streets for walks and go for potty breaks. If your apartment has low windows or a balcony, try to keep your dogs away from them as these can be dangerous even for the larger breeds.

Consider the energy levels of your dog and not just its size. A dog having high energy level will need to be walked for longer periods of time and more frequently otherwise it will start showing bad dog behavior. It is important that you let your dog outside at least 3 times a day as it will keep your dog healthy and prevent it from bouncing off the walls and spoiling the furniture with its enthusiasm to engage in physical activities.

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