Veterinary specialist

Dr. Tetiana Filenko

  • Internal medicine
  • Emergency and critical care
  • Ophthamology


Dr. Tetiana was born and grow up in Ukraine. Throughout her life she always had pets and was always the one person in her family to look after them. At childhood she was helping stray animals in her spare time, this determined her choice of university and her decision to further her career in the study of veterinary medicine.

In 2015, Dr. Tetiana obtained her masters degree in veterinary medicine from Poltava State Agrarian Academy. Throughout her education she worked as an intern at a local veterinary practice which helped her learn a lot; upon graduation she immediately began to work at veterinary practice called “Doctor Zoo”.

After couple of years she decided to pursue another dream of living abroad and relocated to Dubai, where she worked at several veterinary practices in the country.
For past 3 years Dr. Tetiana has been working at Modern Vet and has proven to be hard-working, kind and a knowledgable veterinarian.

Dr. Tetiana’s main fields of interests professionally are internal medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology and endocrinology.

During the past few years Dr. Tetiana completely fell in love with Dubai and decided to build her own little family of 3 rescue pets : two cats and one dog with whom she loves to spend her free time.

Dr Tateiana been amazing teaching us how to be a new parents to Molly.
- Maher Musa
Dr. Tetiana has huge knowledge , her intensive care was really appreciated, i was confident while my pet was under complicated surgery with Dr. Tetiana .
- Mohamad Jabr
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