Modern Vet reception

Modern Vet has opened yet another clinic in Dubai and what makes this location stand out from the rest is most definitely its location! Located in the Khawaneej neighborhood of Dubai which up until recently, was entirely residential, home to predominantly Emirati families and numerous farms – this veterinary clinic is the first of its kind in the neighborhood.

Modern Vet has planned out all its clinics with humans and pets in mind – and this outlet is no exception. Modern Vet’s Khawaneej clinic allows for stress-free vet visits for both humans and their pets… EVERYTHING was designed with animals in mind. The seating arrangement allows for cats and dogs to sit separately while waiting for their appointment which really does reduce stress levels in both cats and dogs as pets are already on edge when going to the vets.

As you start to walk around the space, you’ll notice that plants decorate all corners of the space (pet-friendly, non-toxic plants of course!) –this really creates an organic, earthy feel but it also makes dogs more comfortable by masking the many scary scents that are commonplace at the vets. Plants can also give off the feeling of being in the outdoors, whether it’s in the park, garden, or even at the dog park – and this will calm dogs down and make them forget that they’re at the vets to begin with. Another interesting design decision was to have the dog scale built into the ground; by doing this, dogs won’t have to step up to get onto the scale. This will make it easier and more accurate to weigh them but most importantly it reduces the stress on the pet.

As you continue to walk around, you will notice the extensive retail section where you can find literally anything you could need for your cat or dog. They had everything on display from smart litter boxes to Kong toys and catnip. This section has been beautifully curated; only the best in each category made the cut – this really is a must-see kind of place. By the stairs you will find a trademark of the brand so-to-say; the dog feeder is visible at all Modern Vet locations, and it houses free treats that your pup can take advantage of while at the vets, a small something to calm them down.

At the end of the staircase, you will find a quarantine room (for pets with contagious viruses such as ringworm), a state-of-the-art surgery theater connected to an immaculately planned prep room, an x-ray and ultrasound room, spacious dog runs, and a cat and dog hospital.

If you have a larger dog and you worry about them not getting enough room to wiggle around while in treatment, then this clinic is for you; they have 3 large dog runs (or dog rooms) where the larger breed dogs can be hospitalized in comfort. What Modern Vet is trying to do, is make the whole experience a comfortable one, in turn changing the veterinary experience to a more enjoyable moment that the whole family can enjoy.
Modern Vet is located in Khawaneej 2, an up-and-coming area in the neighborhood.

Al Ttay - Warehouse 1 - Al Khawaneej - Dubai