Cats are well-known for their feline grace, but many people don’t know that cats have another side. They can be mischievous and naughty, but sometimes they display a trait that seems more like a human characteristic: covering their face when they sleep. Why do cats cover their faces when sleeping? We don’t know for sure, but some exciting theories exist.
Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep
They’re Keeping Warm
Cats are warm-blooded animals with thick fur coat that keeps them warm. They also have a high metabolic rate, so they must keep their body temperature up to stay healthy. In addition, cats like being around other cats so much that some will sleep with them when there isn’t enough room for everyone else at home or in the neighbourhood.
Regarding bedtime, cat owners should always ensure enough room on the bed for their pet before turning out all lights and getting ready for sleep. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep because your cat keeps covering his face during slumber, this could indicate that something is wrong with how well he feels about himself today; maybe even something more serious, like an illness, would cause such behavior.
It Provides Them with a Sense of Security
Cats are very social animals and need to feel that they are part of a group. Other cats will often take turns covering their eyes when one cat sleeps because it gives them a sense of security. The cat feels safe and secure when they have someone else to protect them from the outside world.
In addition to all this, cats also have an instinct for self-preservation, which means that if something scary comes into the room where your cat is sleeping (like insects), it might scare them enough so that they cover their faces in an attempt to keep out whatever it was that scared them in the first place!
It Feels Comfortable
Cats are clean animals. They love to be groomed, washed, and brushed—and they like to sleep in a warm and comfortable place. So it makes sense that cats want to cover their faces while sleeping because it helps them feel safe and secure at night.
They’re Blocking Out Noise
Cats are susceptible to noise. They have an incredible ability to hear high frequencies and can hear a broader range of sounds than humans. Their ears are shaped differently, allowing them to pick up on deafening noises.
Cats also have excellent night vision, so when one sleeps in its bed at night, it is likely trying to block out external noise and the light coming into the room through its eyes.
As you can see, cats do not cover their faces when they sleep for several reasons. The most common is that it makes them feel safe and secure when they are in their dreams. You may also notice that your cat will cover his face if he’s feeling threatened by something outside or next door. It’s important to remember that while your kitty may appear asleep, he is still awake and thinking about things. So don’t be afraid to ask why he covers his face when he sleeps because there’s probably a good reason behind it.