Cats love to play with crinkly things. It’s not just because they’re cute, though. It’s also because they like how it sounds when they step on or squish them in their paws. And as we all know, cats have very sensitive hearing and tactile senses—so why wouldn’t they enjoy playing with crinkly objects?
Why do cats like to play with crinkly things?
Crinkly things that make noise are a cat favorite. They love how it sounds when they step on crinkly things, stimulating their senses. Cats also enjoy being disruptive to get your attention so any noise will do. Other reasons can be as follows:
They love making crunching sounds with their feet.
The crinkle sound is a real treat for your cat. The reason it’s so exciting to them because their brain responds to the sound of crinkling, which means that they associate it with something good. If you give them a toy with some paper and let them chew on it for a few minutes, then stick a piece of cardboard in there, they’ll go crazy over the noise! They want more! You’ve got one job: keep giving them more happy noises until they run out.
It stimulates their senses
Cats have a wide range of senses, and crinkling things stimulate them. They can hear the sound of crinkling paper or plastic and smell it when they’re wearing their favorite perfume! Crinklings also stimulate their vision because they will see your face as you get excited about how much fun this is.
It triggers memories of their time in the wild.
Cats are hunters. They’re always looking for food, whether it’s mice, birds, or even other cats! The scrunching of a paper bag can be comforting because it reminds your cat that he used to chase down prey in the wild, and now he’s got a job as an indoor cat. If you want to play fetch with your cat, get a toy with feathers attached so he can feel like he’s hunting again!
They enjoy being disruptive
Cats love to get your attention and do it by doing unexpected things. If you have a cat who likes to play with crinkly things, he may be doing so because he wants to catch your attention—and if that’s the case, then you should try not to ignore him!
If your cat is interested in these items at all (which we expect), then it could be because they’re trying to get your attention. They might also be trying to get food from you; if this is the case and you give them some treats every once in a while, then perhaps their actions will become less disruptive over time!
They are trying to capture your attention.
Cats are social animals, and they want to be with their people. They crave attention from humans, so giving them something that makes noise or moves around can make them feel special.
Cats also like things that crinkle or rustle because it reminds them of food coming their way. You may have noticed if you’ve ever given your cat some food when there’s another animal around (like a bird) – the sound will make him perk up in anticipation!
We hope we’ve convinced you that crinkly things are good for cats. Cats like them because they make noises, stimulate their senses, and give them something to play with while you are out of the house. Cats are very clever animals, and if you train them right, they can be a great addition to your household!