Dogs are amazing companions, but they sometimes get a little clingy. They love to follow you and will happily keep up with your every move. Here’s why this happens:
Why does my dog follow me everywhere?
Your dog loves you
Your dog loves you. They want to be near you, in your space, and close to you. They want to be with you all the time. There are many reasons why dogs follow their owners everywhere: It makes them feel safe and secure; they like being able to watch out for their humans; sometimes, it’s just fun!
They Want Attention
Dogs are social animals. They want to be with their pack and follow their alpha (the leader) around the house or even outside when you’re out of sight. Dogs have been known to wait by their master’s side until he returns home from work—even if it means spending all day in a crowded subway car! And dogs need to know that they can trust the people in their lives: this is why some breeds of dogs will always sit at your feet while you’re reading a book on the couch or watching TV together; others may lay down and relax next them on occasion as well.
They’re bored
It’s no surprise that dogs are often at their happiest when chasing their tails, but this can have negative consequences for your dog. If you’ve ever watched a dog run through the park or play with its owner, you know what it feels like when a happy dog is bored.
Dogs need physical and mental stimulation to remain healthy and happy — so if your pup is constantly left alone during the day, he may start acting out of character. He might become destructive or bark at strangers (or worse). The same thing goes if you don’t give him enough exercise: You might have to take him to obedience classes or hire someone who will come over every day until he learns how much fun playing fetch can be!
They’re Afraid
If your dog is following you everywhere, it could be because they’re afraid.
If this is the case with your pup, then the best thing to do is to reassure them that nothing will happen when they follow you. You should always ensure that there are no dangerous or scary things nearby before leaving home with your pet. In addition, if your dog is afraid of something specific (like a person), make sure not to leave its room while someone else is visiting so as not to risk any accidents because of being scared by them!
Now that you know why your dog follows you everywhere, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to stop him from doing so! If he continues this behavior, maybe try giving him extra attention and mental stimulation by taking him somewhere new, like playing with other dogs or going on a walk.

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