There are several reasons why your dog might lick you in the morning. Some dogs will do this to show affection, while others use it to communicate with their owners. If there’s something wrong with how much time you spend together (such as work), this could also be one of their primary motivations for licking until all signs of tension disappear from both parties involved.

Reasons Why does my dog lick in the morning?

Communication and Bonding

Licking is a form of communication and bonding. Dogs use licking to show affection, submission, excitement and anxiety. He will lick you when you pet your dog on the head or backside. This is a sign that he wants more contact with you!
If your dog licks when you’re playing fetch or another activity together, it could mean that he likes playing with his human partner more than just being around them for their own sake (which would be great).

Submissive Behavior

Submissive behavior is a dog’s way of showing they are not a threat. It can be good, but it’s also not a sign of weakness. Submissive behavior is often an effective way for dogs to avoid conflict or aggression with other animals (e.g., humans).
For example: If you’re walking through your neighborhood with your pup and he sees another dog that he doesn’t know very well—a dog that may be new in town or simply unfamiliar—he may try to appease this stranger by bowing down low on his belly and licking their shoe when they pass by. This response is likely because he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s trying to reach out and touch them as if they were the prey!


Your dog is a social animal. He needs to be around people and other animals, but he also wants your attention. If your dog doesn’t get enough attention from you, he may start lapping up yours!

Natural excitement

While it may seem counterintuitive, the fact that dogs lick humans is not necessarily an indication that they’re dirty. Licking is a natural behavior for dogs and, in some instances, can be seen as an indication of excitement or comfort. Dogs lick themselves to cleanse after a bath or swim session—and if you’ve ever been around your pet when he’s licking himself at home or in his kennel, you know how much enjoyment this activity brings him!


Does your dog lick you when you are feeling anxious, sad or excited? If so, it’s likely a sign of anxiety. When dogs feel anxious, they may show signs such as pacing around the house or panting. They may also try to escape their crate by digging through its walls and chewing on things inside. The good news is that simple steps can help relieve your dog’s anxiety:


Dogs are very social animals and need human interaction. If your dog doesn’t get enough stimulation during the day, he may act out in other ways. For example, boredom can lead to destructive behavior like chewing furniture or other items that are not food related.
The best way to keep your dog from becoming bored is by providing them with plenty of toys and interactive games at home, so they don’t feel like they have nothing else going on!


We hope this article explains why your dog licks you in the morning. You may want to consider getting a pet sitter to take care of them during those times, but if you don’t want that, then there are other ways to deal with it. For instance, if your dog is anxious, try putting on a happy face (no pun intended) and having fun together!

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