You may wonder why your dog is sniffing you so much. It could signify that your dog misses you or wants to ensure you’re still alive. If this happens, don’t worry! Here are some reasons why dogs sniff humans more than usual.

Why is my dog sniffing me more than usual?

If your dog is sniffing you more than usual, it could be because they are trying to get your attention. They may also try to get a scent off of you so that they can recognize you later if another dog approaches them. Another reason for this behavior is that your dog missed being around you and wants to see what new things have changed since the last time. Your pup might also be curious about the contents in your pocket or backpack—they’ll probably want some treats!
Finally, this increased interest in sniffing may be due to food-related activity: maybe there was some leftover food lying around that he couldn’t eaten earlier.

Reasons why your dog is sniffing you so much

They can smell your emotions

Dogs can also smell your emotions and stress levels. This is an excellent way for them to know if you’re sick, but also a pretty terrible way for them to learn about what’s going on in your life. If they sniff out that something is wrong with you, it could cause them anxiety or fear by association. And if they detect something positive about you, such as happiness or excitement (which dogs tend to associate with humans), this could cause them undue stress as well. The bottom line: don’t let your dog do the sniffing for you if he’s giving off any signals that aren’t good ones!

Out of curiosity

If your dog is sniffing you, it’s not because he thinks you’re a cat. He wants to know what you’ve been up to and where you’ve been. He’ll want to see if you’ve been eating or drinking alcohol, too—and maybe even where the food came from (or how much). You might not realize this, but dogs are always curious about their human companions’ lives.

They smell food on you

Dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans, which is why they can smell food on you. They can smell the food you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
If your dog constantly sniffs at your clothes and scents, there may be something wrong with their health or diet. If this happens often, try changing the foods in your home by making new dishes like rice pudding or pasta instead of meatloaf every night.
You don’t want to confuse them by wearing too many perfumes or colognes because this will confuse them even more!

They missed you

If your dog is sniffing you, it’s likely because they missed you. Dogs are social animals who thrive on human contact and interaction. They need to feel like they’re a part of their owners’ lives to be happy and healthy.
Dogs also have powerful senses of smell—so much so that some scientists believe dogs can smell emotions from miles away! This means that if something has changed about your life (a new job, new house) or if there’s been an issue with another person (such as a divorce), it could trigger this behavior in your pet just as quickly as it would in any other person or animal who lives close by.


If you’re worried that your dog is sniffing you more than usual, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must understand what they are doing. Most dogs will sniff their owner as a form of communication or affection, but other times they might be curious about something they smell on them (such as food). If your dog seems obsessed with sniffing specific parts of your body, like hands or feet, this issue is worth looking into further.

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