I’m sure you’ve heard that cats are the kings of sleep. You might also know that they tend to sleep a lot, and for a good reason: cats need about 18 hours daily! This is more than most people do, so how does their body stay healthy and energized? Here’s what we know about why cats sleep so much.
How Much Sleep do Cats Need?
Cats are known for being creatures of habit, but they can also be quite fickle. If a cat has been sleeping on your lap for years, it may start to resent you if you try to move them elsewhere. But what’s the correct amount of sleep?
Cats need about 12 hours per day—more than most other animals and even more than humans! That said, different breeds can vary significantly in their energy levels and needs: some doze off during the day, while others wake up every few hours at night (and then go back to sleep).
Reasons Why Cats Sleep a Lot
Conserve Energy
Cats sleep more than other animals, and they also sleep more than humans. Cats can conserve energy by sleeping 12 to 16 hours per day. The average human only get around 7-8 hours per night, and it takes up to 20 minutes for the brain to fully wake up. Cats can get by on as little as 4 hours of sleep daily!
This is why we think cats are such lazy creatures—they don’t need much rest because they have ways of conserving their energy that other animals don’t have access to (like going through so much food every day).
Cat Might Be Bored
The cat might be bored. If your cat’s toys have run out, then it’s time to give them something new and exciting. Bored cats will start to look for ways around their boredom, which can lead to destructive behavior like chewing on things or spraying urine around the house (sorry!).
If your cat isn’t getting enough playtime in the morning, try setting up a unique play area where they can go when they wake up: a sofa bed with lots of cushions or boxes stacked together would work well as an enclosed space. You could also put some tricks up there if you want them to act like kittens again!
The cat Might Be Stressed
Cats are susceptible to stress and can become stressed simply because they’re around other animals. In addition to this, their owners may be under stress as well. If you’re not feeling your best, your cat will likely notice and respond accordingly—and maybe even take some of that stress out on herself!
Stress can also be caused by changes in their environment (such as moving house or having a new baby). If you want your kitty happy and healthy, try keeping her as comfortable as possible while she sleeps; this way, she’ll feel less anxious about what might happen next.
The cat Might be Sick or Uncomfortable
If your cat sleeps a lot, it may be sick or uncomfortable. Some common reasons for this include the following:
• Pain from a broken leg or tailbone injury
• Stress caused by changes in their environment (such as moving into a new home) or other cats (if you have multiple animals)
• Boredom
Suppose you notice your kitty isn’t feeling well and sleeping more than usual. In that case, it’s best to bring them to the vet for an examination before assuming anything serious happened.
Cats are fantastic, and they deserve the best possible lives. If you have a cat, it’s essential to know how long they sleep and what that means for its health. You can do some simple things to help your kitty sleep better, like ensuring their room is warm or giving them special treats when they are tired from doing something fun, such as playing with toys or chasing birds around outside your house!

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